15 3 - 5 Smart Home Devices That Really Makes Life Easier

5 Smart Home Devices That Really Makes Life Easier


The big trend at CES this past year was the volume of smart home technology that’s now available to home owners. From controlling your lighting or thermostat to locking your doors to even turning off your crockpot, you can now control your entire house from either an Apple or Android device.

One of biggest benefits of buying a new home today is that they’re all designed to support our connected lifestyles. Many builders offer smart thermostats, lighting controls, door locks and even built-in USB outlets from their design centers.

Below are five devices that truly makes life easier and can be easily integrated in today’s new home.

Amazon Echo

A Bluetooth-connected speaker with a number of voice-activated features that lets you control many smart home gadgets and hubs, from manufacturers such as WeMo, Philips, Belkin, Samsung, Nest and others. It can also check the weather, buy things online, and its voice assistant Alexa can even read you a story. amazon.com/echo

Coming in as a close second is its competitor, Google Home, which is a little cheaper and fully integrated with Google Assistant. store.google.com/product/google_home

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Easy to use and its built-in sensors helps manage hot and cold spots, which in the long run can save on your energy costs. And with Amazon’s Alexa, you can control the temperature without getting up from your cozy couch. ecobee.com

Nest Cam

It’s high-quality video, two-way audio (you can actually yell at that burglar to “get out!” from your phone at any location), and sharp night vision makes it one of the best security cameras on the market – and for less than $200. It can even detect activity and send you a text or email alert with a photo. nest.com/camera/meet-nest-cam

Samsung SmartThings Hub

No, it’s not as sexy as a robotic floor sweeper, but this hub will work with all your connected home devices and make them smarter. When you wake up it can turn on your lights and even your coffee machine. It can open your garage door when it notices you pulling up. And it will warn you if there are doors or windows open when you go to sleep. The best part is you can manage all of this by one app as opposed to fumbling with dozens if you didn’t have it. smartthings.com/products/samsung-smartthings-hub

Not only are today’s new homes more energy efficient but they’re smarter and better suited for today’s connected lifestyle. Contact us today so we can assist in finding you your dream home and thanks for visiting lasvegasnewhomeexperts.com.

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